How to choose the perfect Paint by Numbers photo

When it comes to a relaxing, stress free activity, there’s nothing like Paint by Numbers.

When it comes to Paint by Numbers for adults, there’s nothing like personalised, one of a kind art. At Unique Paint by Numbers, we offer custom kits that are one of a kind, for you. Simply upload your photo and we will turn it in to a unique painting kit.

Each photo that is uploaded, is turned in to a painting grid by our team and will be lovingly delivered to you with:

  1. Your unique paint by numbers canvas, based on the photo you uploaded
  2. Paints which are labelled and correspond with the numbers on your canvas
  3. A set of paint brushes
  4. Your kit will include a frame if you ordered one on check out

A personalised paint by numbers kit is the perfect gift for yourself or as a gift for someone special. We want to help you pick the perfect photo, to make sure that your canvas turns out the best it can possibly be.

When it comes to the photo selection, our community have been pretty awesome at choosing for themselves but there are a few tips we wanted to share.

  1. Make sure the photo is nice and close up, this way you’ll see the detail in your finished painting


  1. Pick a photo where the colors are clear, if the photo is blurry or very dark your painting will not turn out as well



  1. The more close up detail in the picture, the more painting you will need to do, so if you want your gift to last and look spectacular finished, we would recommend more details. Paintings with less detail look amazing too, they will just take a little less time to paint

Happy shopping,

Bec from Unique Paints