About Us

Welcome to your new favorite hobby, unique paint by numbers! We are a small, family business so every customer and every unique painting is special to us.

Research has shown that Paint by Numbers is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. It’s also a lot of fun and there’s nothing that can match the joy of painting your own photo.

At Unique Paint by Numbers, we offer custom kits, so you can upload and paint your own photo. Simply upload your photo and we will turn it in to a one of a kind kit that includes:

  1. Your unique paint by numbers canvas, based on the photo you uploaded
  2. Paints which are labelled and correspond with the numbers on your canvas
  3. A set of paint brushes
  4. Your kit will include a frame if you ordered one on check out

Paint by numbers is easy and anyone can do it. It’s a great new hobby or the perfect personalized gift for someone special. Our community paint a range of photos, some popular ones include:

  • Paint a picture of your dog
  • A paint by numbers of your cat
  • Paint a picture of your family or friends
  • A paint by numbers of a holiday destination or landscape

The possibilities are endless. Find out how to choose the perfect photo here 


Happy shopping,

Bec from Unique Paints