Custom Pet Paint by Number

As the old saying  goes “a dog is a man’s best friend”.  This is such a true statement because our pets are loyal and help us relax and lift our spirits.

Studies show that owning a pet often leads to increased cardiovascular health, we can attest to this as our family dog, Tilly, who is featured in our ads is our personal trainer, not a day goes by that she doesn’t demand a long walk.


Research has shown the psychological benefits of owning a pet are plentiful, here are just a few.

  • Those who have pets including children or adolescents have been shown to have higher self-esteem. Teenagers who own pets have a more positive outlook on life and report less loneliness, restlessness, despair and boredom.
  • Pet owners report less depression and appear to cope with grief, stress and loss better than non-pet owners. 
  • Pets enhance social connectedness and social skills and are great conversation starters.

Given all this information we believe the benefits of a Custom Pet Paint by Numbers are in abundance.  It’s therapeutic, satisfying and helps to reduce stress, what better way to spend your time than painting your loyal friend.  It may not be for yourself, it could be for a friend or family member as a gift, or for someone that has lost their pet and would find comfort in a custom pet paint by number. When finished your custom pet paint by number can be hung on the wall with the rest of the family portraits.

Meet some of the gorgeous pets our customers have painted.


It was very easy and amazing to be able to make my own paint. Paint was enough. Everyone who see the paint loved it.

How easy was that? Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed painting a picture of my turned out awesome....looks exactly like the picture with a little added character! I just ordered another one with a picture of my puppy...can't wait to get vision is to paint all my animals I've had, and there are many!...can't wait to dedicate a wall in my home to all my awesome pets! Thanks for giving me the opportunity!

Love it! So relaxing and addicting! Beautiful result- can’t wait to hang it!!
Such an amazing gift to receive!! I had such a blast painting it and can’t wait to have it forever.

I painted my friends two dogs as a birthday present and I gave it to her today, and she was holding back the tears. One of her dogs passed away about a year ago. At first she thought I had the photo printed on canvas. Then she realized it was painted, and she barely held the tears back. I sustained a traumatic brain injury in April and this has been my therapy.

All of our awesome customers gave us a 5 star rating.  We believe the real stars here are them themselves for such an incredible job they did with their custom pet paint by number portraits.

So once you’re finished we’d love you to share and tell us your stories about your trusty mate.